Perfect Circle Farm is a small family run farm and nursery in Central Vermont. We specialize in growing Nut Trees, Fruit Trees and Berry Shrubs. We grow most of what we sell from seed, cuttings or by grafting. We are in USDA Hardiness Zone 4. See us on the map here. We have a great selection of plants for your Farm, Orchard and Homestead. Please read About Our Plants so you know what to expect.

ANY ORDERS PLACED NOW WILL SHIP IN THE FALL OF 2019-SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER, OR THE SPRING 2020, PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WANT FALL OR SPRING SHIPPING IN THE COMMENTS BOX WHEN YOU ORDER . We are always adding more plants!! As soon as we can see what has prospered we will be adding more GRAFTED AND SEEDLING Persimmon, Pawpaw , Chestnut and Walnuts to the inventory. Keep your eyes peeled! And thank you again for ordering plants from our Farm, I am honored and grateful for your support.

We love growing plants and believe that planting your own food is one of the most powerful things you can do. We have an ever growing collection of edible Orchard, Forest and Landscape plants for your homestead and farm. Our plants are collected from an amazing bunch of devoted growers and wild places all over North America. Thank you for encouraging our efforts!

Buzz and Sandra Ferver- proprietors

On the home page you will find the links to order plants, cuttings, seed and scionwood.

See our gallery page for pictures of our plants and farm that can be viewed at your leisure.