Happy Chickens-Beautiful Eggs

At Perfect Circle Farm, our 250 hens (and six roosters) are free to roam outside all day, every day, until they head into their coop at dusk. At our farm they get to express their chicken nature. They dust bathe, chase each other, nap in the sun, or in the shade, escape the fence sometimes and wander, eat bugs and weeds, and scratch in the soil.

Our birds forage in their yard and are fed food scraps. Delivered twice a week, the food scraps contain a large variety of pre-and post-consumer foods previously destined for the landfill. The food scraps are collected locally from grocery stores and restaurants. Once they are delivered to our farm, we mix the food scraps with wood chips. The wood chips help control both odor and pests and begin the fermentation and composting processes that works with the chickens as they eat from the pile. The food ferments in the pile, just like sauerkraut. All chickens love food scraps and are very happy and healthy eating this way. And we don't need to use any grain.

As the chip/food scrap blend ages, and the chickens are done searching for what they want to eat from this lovely chicken buffet, the food scraps/chip blend is removed to finished compost. The finished compost is applied to our nursery and garden beds. We will have some sale this year! We like to think of this as the "close the loop chicken coop"; regenerating soils and returning back the fertility we need to produce our crops from what was recently viewed as "waste".

In Nature Waste Equals Food.

We sell our eggs to Farmers to You, a local CSA that services the Boston area, Red Hen Bakery, and many local customers, please come buy your eggs at our farm!